RIAA* Certified Top-Selling Female Comedian – In History!

What makes Chonda Pierce the best-selling female comedian…ever? It could be her hilarious insights on marriage and the unending trials of parenthood, modern life and aging. Or the way Chonda draws us close as she relates tender stories of loss, depression and an amazing God who pulled her through the darkness.

No, what makes Chonda special is how she opens up and publicly deals with real life, our life, and makes Chonda the funniest and most relatable comedian to ever take the stage. Whether she performs to thousands in arenas or hundreds in more intimate settings, Chonda always delivers comical and heartwarming tales that will have you laughing so hard your face will hurt!

This gift set, a scrapbook of Chonda’s life, allows us to watch her grow as a woman and comedian while delivering spontaneous and electric non-stop entertainment. Inside this box you will find insights from her life, letters from fans, and heart-breaking and heart-touching memoirs that reveal a Chonda that will overjoy old fans and introduce new fans to the most authentic comedian in this generation. Click here to get yours from Lifeway.com